Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Low Sperm Count Answers!

Well, I just read it on MSN..... our Mother-in -laws are to blame for low sperm count in their sons!! Apparently expecting mothers of sons that consumed red meat during pregnancy results in low sperm count. The article went on to refer to the hormones and pesticides plaguing the cattle industry is to blame. I personally think it could be true as I feel like that is why our girls are developing too early and we have 8 year old with periods. Maybe not so much as true but possibly a direct correlation. In conclusion the team that did this study plans to run tests and such in the EU since hormones in cattle and the such were banned in 1988. Interesting............but STUPID!!! (just to borrow a term from the Gong Show, HAHA!!)
Today I am in better spirits, that could be that I am working my last shift for a week!! I am anxiously awaiting all of your results!! I keep telling myself that when I get back to work your results will be in!! I feel like its my 2WW all over again almost. I am praying for the best for you all!! Not sure if I will post again until next week, but we will see. Since the BFN I have been up one minute and down the next!!! This damn IVF rollercoaster!!! Geeezzz!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mother Nature is so hard to wait on sometimes!!! And it seems that looking back is the only way to make it appear to go faster. That does not seem to be the case in my adventure called IVF!! Big Wedding and Honeymoon creeped up and then flew by and before I knew it we will be married for a year in June. High School and College creeped by and then flew by and I was at my 10 year reunion. Started my career and now I will be celebrating my 10th year with the same hospital on April 14th! Just like a car speeding down the highway WOOSH!! and it was gone and you barely remember the color of the car!!
And so it is with almost all things in life EXCEPT IVF!!!!! If I hear "Call us when you start your period." one more time (which I know I will) I am going to SCREAM!! It is everything in me to not mock them in my most immature whinney voice. Waiting on AF, waiting on drugs to come in, waiting on my calender, waiting for my HCG shot, waiting to see lab results, waiting for Retrieval, waiting on transfer and the GOD AWFUL waiting on the Big ONE!!! THE BETA!
A whole lot of waiting with not much of anything that you could possibly think of in the mean time! With so much at stake who can consentrate! It feels like every cycle gets longer and longer and longer!! Patience has never been a virtue that I have ever possessed. I try but the unknown kills me. I guess that is why I have a case of UPT's in my bathroom. I know we are suppose to stay away from them but I just gotta know! It is like playing the lottery and not looking to see if you won. I had no idea this would be so hard on me. I feel like I am holding my breath and sooner or later I am gonna turn blue. So I break down and POAS! I guess God is going to once and for all teach me patience.
On another note, I can't believe the nerve of some people. We ran into a friend of my hubby and myself at Target today and she is due in July. She was complaining that she can't wear a cute swim suit and summer clothes this year. BooHoo for you!! I would wear a Granny MooMoo dress for 9 mo if it ment I would be pregnant. I know that she doesn't know what we are going through right now, but it struck such a nerve with me and hubby.
I guess that is all I have for now!! I am patiently ( haha, like I have ever done that before) waiting for my WTF? meeting with my RE. I can't wait to see if there is anything they would do differently. Gosh so many what if's that I need answers!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Everywhere It's EVERYWHERE

Well, the reality that I will not have that Turkey baby I was so hopping for is sinking in!! I work in an OB hospital so it is very hard to just not think about it and do something else. To top it all off the gift shop is just around the corner from my office and I must pass it to go anywhere in the hospital. The gift shop isn't a problem, just the new display of basinet and baby items in the window that I must look at ten times a day!! I know hearing the occasional co-worker brag about their easy pregnancy isn't easy, but damn!!! I see nothing but bellies and baby gear everywhere I turn. Not to mention all the maternity clothes I had purchased during my cycle adorning my room!! I want to be invisible sometimes. I guess I can hope for a Valentine's Baby!! God please send me cupid for real!!! Little tiny one preferably without wings and an arrow, but if that's all you got, I'll take it!!! I am sure I will blog again later!!

All for my baby!!

Hi! I am Amanda and I am addicted to IVF drugs!! I love shots in my tummy and the mood swings that quickly follow!! I will make this short in case this is not going to work! I hope to be completly set up soon!