Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sorry it took Me so long to post again!!!

I am so sorry I have been in the background reading and praying for all of you, so I haven't been completely gone. I have just been hanging back holding my breath but I guess I need to breathe. The pregnancy has been normal and boring once I decided it was and quit listening to those crazy doctors that talk out of their ass!!! My only complaint is that my wrist (thumb) in particular hurts me most of the time. I couldn't even move my pillow with my right hand last night. I can't scratch my back, hold anything heavy, it even hurts to write. Dr says that it is fluid in my joints (common with pregnancy) or a cyst, but I have never experienced such a decreased range motion. It feels more like arthritis. Anyway, Hubs and I started to work on the nursery this weekend. I figure I have waited long enough. My shower is a week from Sunday so I figured I needed a proper place to put things. I seriously could have waited till after the baby to do all this but everyone wants to get this show on the road. I really just want this sweet baby in my arms and kissing his/her face. I feel like Valentines day/weekend will be the arrival date!! I just want to get through one more birthday (THE BIG 32!!!) before he/she arrives. Birthday is Jan 25th so anytime after that is good for me!! I am praying for you all that you are met in your need. That peace will always find it's way in your heart. Happy New Year!!