Friday, June 29, 2007

Where here it is!

Beta HCG:63
RE's office says that it is good, but I am not convinced that it is 100%!
Preggers none the less so at least I have made it this far!
Still praying for you all!

So I couldn't take it any longer!

Well, I just had to prepare myself for today's Beta. So good bad or ugly, I had to know if I had tested too early? Or if it was the fate that I feared? But first I wanted to say Thanks to Mary Ellen, Jo, Ellie and Samantha for being optimistic it paid off for me..................... Yep! Two pink lines!!!! The two little lines I have looked for almost 2 years now. Please God let them stay and grow!! I am beside myself. Hubs was so cute he looked at the test and said, "Is this the part where I say , Holy Crap You're Pregnant! How are we going to explain THIS to our parents??" Which is sort of funny because neither of our parents have any clue the struggle we have had with all this. Here I am again Cautiously Dreaming, trying desperately to put on the brakes as my head already has me at delivery! I am still sending Sticky thoughts out to everyone and hopefully the pregnancy hoo-doo-voo-doo to all!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strange News!

Well, I wish it was news about me but I just found out that my best friend from childhood is pregnant. Now normally this would be the time where I scream in my pillow and cry, but this is a good thing and I am sure you all would agree. She is a now former IFer having endured 6 IVF cycles and got pregnant on her own!!! Yep you heard it, on her own! She gave up three years ago after a long almost 3 year struggle with ART. So props for BFF and wish long and happy pregnancy! On another note, feeling off and on crampy. One minute I am discouraged thinking I am about to start my period and the next nothing for hours. Same with my lower back, achy like I need to lay on my heating pad (which I do every time AF visits) and then poof gone. Boobs are heavy and sore and a tad bit itchy. ITCHY? I think that is a new one for me. Scared to POAS again as it brought me down way to close to depression. So now I have a question for you. POAS or not POAS? I want to be prepared and not blindsided by the results. Help. I know many of you have been here before so I need advice.
(((huggs))) for you all (those that respond and those who don't)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Here's the Update (sorry its long)

Well Girlies so sorry that I haven't kept you updated. I have been on Bed rest since Monday and Friday they gave me a get out of jail free card for the weekend. I haven't seen my parents in a couple of months so we travel the 4 hours away to see them. I had to tell them what was up since I look about 4 months along already. I even had to go buy some pants because the ones I packed didn't fit. One good thing about all this it has given me a reason to go shopping. Anywho, I have been downing the protein. RE says that protein is the only thing that absorbs all the fluid being retained in the ovaries (sort of like an osmosis thing the way he explained it to me) so I have had about 100g of protein as well as about 5 Gatorade's a day all week.
Come Wednesday (which was day 5) I was good to go for transfer. I couldn't believe it, I felt like I won the lottery. I have rested and consumed vast amounts of protein and electrolytes and my body responded! So we transferred 2 beautiful expanded blasts and froze 11. So I feel like this will give hubs and I all the children we had planned for as well as give someone else the opportunity from the frozen. I felt like super woman.
So back to the weekend, very excited, I still have the sore boobs and all the other stuff, but my stomach feels tight and hard right below my belly button. Babies?? Ovaries?? Babies??? Ovaries??? Gas?? Huh! I guess I will know soon enough. Beta is Friday!
Then I did it!!!!! The dreaded POAS!!!! I sent hubs to the store since it would look strange for a obviously pregnant woman buying a pregnancy test?? (Raise eyebrow) So back he came with the ever faithful 3pack! I am trying to stay positive. I am only 5days post transfer. And it wasn't fresh first morning pee, but the test was single lined. Not even a hint. I am very down and not wanting to face the world and I just want to crawl under my covers until Friday! Do you think I could get a dr excuse for this week too?? Needless to say I am thinking I will be an FET next month and hoping to beat the odds for once. Well, Meerkat Manor is on and those little guys make me giggle. Hope all is well with you guys I am still praying for you all.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fert Report!!

Drumroll please....................................29 fertilized. Of the 37, 34 were mature and of the 34 we have 29!! 29 endless possibilities! I am still cautiously dreaming!!

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday, it was a very busy one. Hubs was in a wedding and when i woke up I was about 5 pounds heavier and now had nothing to wear. So we (myself on pain medicaition) had to trot to the mall to find something for me to wear. Thank God the first place we went to had a great dress and I got great shoes, I love Macy's! So we left and I rested till the wedding. I still couldn't take a deep breath, but I couldn't miss our dear friends wedding. I knew they would understand, but with hubs in it and wanted to be there for everyone, I took half a lortab and went!! Hubs painted my toes and everything...he is going to be such a good daddy! The night was a bit long, but I sat to the side all night and perched my ever protruding belly under the table. I even sat a glass of wine in front of me so people wouldn't ask. I have gained almost 8 pounds since Friday. I am barely trucking under the 4 pounds a day mark. So I hope I start peeeing all this fluid out or something. I want to look forward to my ever growing belly, not wake up one day and it's there!! On second thought, I will take what I can get! If I have to stay like this for a year as long as it produces a healthy bambino!!! I will email tomorrow with a cell report!

(((huggs))) to you all!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, Ladies this will be short but I am now 7 months pregnant! I wish, but that is what I look like anyway! I am so distended and in so much pain I can hardly stand it. For those of you that have experienced OHSS my heart goes out to you, because if this scratches the surface (which I hope is all it is) of OHSS it is unbearable. RE has given me some extra pain meds so that is helping but damn I am miserable. But I know it will be worth it in the end! Well, I am sure all of you want to know my number..................drumroll please...........................
37!!!! They got freakin 37 eggs! I was blown away!!!! I was hoping for 20! RE said that I was going to experience a lot more pain because they basically trampled my ovaries with a track shoe! His words not mine! I love his analogies! Hubs made jokes that after they did the egg count they asked him if he could make another "deposit" because they weren't sure if they would have enough sperm for all the eggs, too funny. We should get fertilization report. I will try my best to keep you guys posted!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!
It's about time I was an overachiever in something!!!

Today is the day!!!!

Well, the big day is here. My HCG level was 125 and we retrieve at 10am this morning! I must say it felt good to not do an injection for once. I will post this afternoon how many eggs were in my basket. I don't really have anything humorous to say I am so nervous its crazy. I am more so this time. I guess I know how much is at stake!! Take care, I will post later!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well, CD 10 E2 was 3,998!!! I have no idea what to do with that number! We triggered at midnight with only half the hcg. I am not sure what that means either. Nursy RE told me to dilute the novarel in 1cc of water and then only draw out 1/2 to use. WTF?? I paid good money to use all of it!!!! Anyone ever heard of only using 1/2?? I know I am full up with eggs I took my ganirelix at 5pm yesterday then HCG 12am. Last shot!! YAY! I made it, no more pokey pokey!! Hubs wanted me to go workout with him yesterday, I had to regretfully (not really) decline in fear that I may burst an ovary! My tummy is so pooched out, I can't suck it in anymore. I am just ready for bambino pooch instead!! Still holding my breath! Hope you all are on target!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So we got home yesterday from the most relaxing beach trip ever! I really needed that and it came at the most appropriate time (mid cycle)! My CD6 E2 was 485 not to shabby and I now have major swiss cheese for ovaries now. I was commenting on how pretty and round they all were, then I went to the RE when I got home and they are getting all squished up together and losing their pretty roundness. They are starting to look like a subway car during peak rush hour! My CD8 E2 was 1595. Movin on up! I go back in the morning for what will probably be my last monitoring before retrieval. My guess is that I will do my HCG injection at midnight tomorrow night and do retrieval on Friday. Wow, I can't believe that it is soo close. At least I already have sore boobs so I can check that off the pre-pregnancy symptom check list, along with cravings (currently it is corn dogs with lots of mustard, last time it was orange sherbet), and a dull lower abdominal pain. These are all pregnancy symptoms so who knows. I guess after not being on the meds and they persist I will get my hopes up. Speaking of hopes up, I did a bad thing I must confess. I bought maternity clothes!!!! I know, I know that is one of the things we IFers try to avoid especially during a cycle, but it was 4 shirts for $25. A deal that I couldn't pass up! Gap maternity at that!! I promise not to do it again until I see a heartbeat!! I really hope this works this time. Here I go Cautiously Dreaming AGAIN!! Trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding that my husband is in on Sat (1dpo) so that I don't look pregnant but comfortable enough. If I buy something in maternity for this reason, does that really count? So much is running through my head! I can't keep a constant thought for anything!! Sorry if I am rambling, just getting nervous, hoping for the best!!
Hang in there everybody! Hope all is well with all of you! Praying for y'all!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Well, Today I went for my blood work for day 3 on my meds! E2 was 282 which they said was on target! Since Hubs and I are going away for our 2nd Honeymoon/ 1st Anniversary and I need to be monitored on Sat. My RE's office was kind enough to make an appt for me at the beach about 40 min from our hotel! Granted I will need to rise early to be there for an 8am appt, but at least I am not having to cut my weekend short for monitoring. Plus it is going to sort of fun to see another facility and how they run things. I will let you guys know how it goes.
Maybe some of you can help me with this, but I noticed last cycle, after I had taken my med for a few days I began to have a sore throat, general body aches and a dull headache, like I was trying to come down with the flu. I thought then that I might have just gotten a bug or something, but after the second time, I am beginning to wonder if the medication doesn't agree with me. Perhaps this is just what it feels like to have 225iu of hormones surging through me!! I did have my first hot flash today 10:40am, shopping for beach clothes for the weekend when bam... I am sweating buck shot and can hardly breathe. I wanted to tear my clothes off in the middle of the food court!!! That was it no more shopping, so I went to visit hubs at his station (he is a paramedic) and got him to check me out. Of course everything was normal I was just "HOT!!" he says. Whatever it felt like I had just got a taste of hell!! Injections are still making me sleepy though. For about 5 hours after I am a ZOMBIE! I am clumsy too! OH well, 7 more days isn't gonna kill me! Retrieval is most likely on Fri 15th! (Glad it isn't the 13th)
As far as incognito injections are's my first..... parking lot of the ballpark! I felt like a junkie trying to hurry so I didn't miss much of the game and watching for passers-by so they didn't think I was some crack head that couldn't wait. Then I slouch down in the car seat and put my feet on the dashboard so I could relax my tummy and pinch an inch. I probably looked like I was gorked out or something!! OH the things we do to get preggers!! Please God let it work this time!!
Still hoping and praying for you all!

Monday, June 4, 2007

First Day of Meds!!

Well, guys and gals, it was my first self injection! Not too bad, just glad those extra pounds I gained last cycle came into a little use! Got really sleepy afterwards but that could be that I am almost half into my 5th shift!! I miss my night time bed. Do you think our ovaries have memory?? Do you think they sense the hormones coming and freeze for a second like we do when we smell or eat something that makes us sick or the feeling like when you eat your favorite chocolate? Maybe the meds are chocolate for the ovaries that's why they get so fat! So would that make our eggs cadbury?? HAHA!! It's late and I am delirious and hungry. Not much to report other than I am seriously trying hard to not get excited, I am sooooo afraid of disappointment. Well, take care ya'll and I will be checkin in on you!!

OH! Something weird did happen......... When I was drawing up my meds I was listening to my ipod (on shuffle) when the song that Hubs and I danced our last dance to at our wedding, Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. I got this big grin on my face and felt such a peace. It was indescribable. I'd like to think that it was like when you watch a movie and the music leads you to the next scene. From the Wedding to the Family, or least I pray so!!
Still Cautiously dreaming!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Monitoring Round #1

Monitoring Round #1

US- Right and Left ovary sleeping soundly
E2- should be less than 75 and it is a whopping 20!!

Yay! Go ovaries!

Stims start Monday
125 of Bravelle
75 of Menopur

Yes I can have a couple glasses of champagne and RE has a friend where we wanted to go for our anniversary trip so if I need monitoring we are set!! Yay!
I just hope pregnancy comes together this easy!!!!

Hoping and praying for you all!!!