Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Still Waiting........

I know they say that a watched pot never boils! I am coming up with a new one..... A needed visit from AF seldom happens!! Whatever! I know that stress will cause you to skip a month or start late, blah blah blah! The later AF waits to show up the more stress out I get!!! I am beginning to wonder if it is a case of the cat chasing the tail!! Round and Round and Round!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can someone please send AF for a visit?????

OK! I thought I would NEVER say this, "I need a AF visit! PRONTO!!!!" OMG! I started on March 19th after a failed IVF cycle and so I was thinking about the 16th-20th would be her next visit, but NNNNOOOOO!!!! Here it is the 22nd and no sign of her. I am scared that if I don't start by May 1st that I may get ousted for the next cycle group!!!!! EEEGGGHHH!!! I need all of you to send AF voo-doo-hoo-doo my way!!! This seems to surreal to wish a silly thing like this!!! Anyway, with all that said, no news yet for my next cycle!!! (((HUGGS)))

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Same ol Same ol!

I don't really have much to say today. I am anxiously waiting for AF's arrival. As soon as she shows up I will have more answers for my next cycle! Right now I am just holding my breath waiting..... yet again, and working all the extra I can to try to pay for another cycle. I am praying for each of you cyclesista's!! I hope to have news soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wha ha happend was............

I didn't get pregnant!!

Had meeting with RE today, whom I adore and respect, and his first thing to say to me was, " I wondered what the heck you ment when you said I will see ya next week, when I saw your results (of the beta) I was SHOCKED!!" He seemed perplexed when I told him that I woke up Sunday morning (4 days post transfer) and KNEW I wasn't pregnant. He acted very intrigued yet concerned. Who knows maybe he was just acting concerned. Anywho, He said that if he were betting on the cycles he would have put all his money on me!! My response, sarcastic of course, "Glad you didn't!" He had no explanation, no reason, not even a suggestion. He simple said that we would combine the Menapur and the Bravell for the whole cycle. He even said that we couldn't have done much better as far a response and performance, just that "the embryo and the uterus were not speaking the same language" and that is something that mother nature has to do. Feeling good that he didn't have any BAD news! Hopeful for the next cycle. Puzzled that he said that we have a higher success rate than last. How does that work??? Anyway, waiting for AF so we can strap on our bootstraps and saddle up for the next rodeo!!
(((huggs for all)))