Sunday, August 12, 2007

BIG SCARE!! Warning TMI and Preg Talk

Well, Friday was a usual and boring morning when I sat down at my desk and felt something wet in my neather region. Since I have been combating a bad UTI I thought I had just peed on myself a little, so I quickly jumped up and told my partner I need to go to the bathroom NOW!! So I ran to the bathroom, jerked my pants down, and it was what all of us IFer's dread to see BLOOD!!! Not just a little spotting but it went through my pants down my leg gushed when I took a step bleeding. I started shaking and my BP shot up. I called my RE and he didn't call me back after half an hour. At this point I am sitting in my office on one of those big blue diaper like pads that you see in hospitals. Shaking like a leaf because I am scared to death! Finally my charge nurse walks by my office and see's that something is wrong when she asked I simply opened my knees a bit and she freaked out! She made me go in one of our rooms (I work in an OB/GYN Assessment Center, sort of like the ER of a Women's only hospital) and lay down. They called my doctor twice (and I had already phoned him once with no reply) and his response was, why do you keep calling me I had to take a shower first. HUH?? What the hell does that mean? I guess he didn't think that the nurse would tell me that but all these nurses are my friends, HELLO!!! Then he tells her don't call anyone out just send her to U/S when they all get here. (Which was three hours from then, it was 4:30am when this all started) I was in pure panic mode and he should know this!!! The things that we go through to get this far, I feel like he should have done everything in his power to rest my nerves! Instead he made it worse. So now I don't know what to do, I want to confront him in some way, without being bitchy! Help me out girls! I will hopefully graduate on Friday, so I will see him then. I want to have my game plan all laid out! Sorry, I left you hangin..... Baby was fine sub chorionic bleed most likely where implantation occurred (so they say). I think it was a bit heavy for implantation bleed! I mean this was full flow period bleed. Oh well, enough of that. 10 weeks and 3days! Hanging in there!!
I am still rootin for all you gals~~ :)

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Samantha said...

Whew, I'm your baby is okay. I'd still be freaking out!

I know you want to go through graduation and keep on good relations. Perhaps you should write your RE a letter. Pour out your feelings, then decide whether you want to mail it, or use it as a guide for speaking to him in person. I think it would be good to let him know how scared you were. It sounds like he forgot to consider your feelings there!