Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am now scared of FEET!!!

Well, for the few of you that continue to check up on me, sorry it has been a while since my last blog. Everything seems so mundane these days. I go to work, I sleep, I eat....and repeat. I have now had three different sonographers look at our baby and they all say that baby looks great!!! However, I made the mistake of asking one of them to measure his/her feet. They appeared large but I know that the screen can be deceptive so I asked out of curiosity. This kid's feet are measuring 1 and 1/2" already and we still have at least 12 weeks to go!! My coworkers have now named the baby FLIPPER!! We don't want to know what we are having boy/girl but now I pray it is a boy and my princess won't have to be a wicked step sister where the shoes never fit!!! So now I am more scared of baby feet than baby head!! HAHA!! All other pregnancy things are as usual, I feel fat, the baby is moving lots (but daddy hasn't felt it yet), getting a wee bit miserable sleeping situation. I am a stomach and back sleeper and neither are condusive in pregnancy. Good news is that I have only gained 8 pounds. That is one of the plus sides to all the weight you gain going through ART. My OB thinks I eat healthy, but really I was just 15 pounds heavier to begin with!! HEHE!! Cravings are a tough one, many people ask me and I have no idea about any one thing or another. Mushrooms very fond of, anything salty for the most part every once in a while I can't seem to eat enough chocolate (but that is seldom), and salad. I love salad more so than before. Baby is starting to hear now so when hubs comes in from work baby starts moving around lots. I guess that is about it for now. I will try to be better about letting you guys know how things are going and keep posting.
I am still praying for you all!!!


Samantha said...

You have some of the healthiest pregnancy craving's I've heard of. Salad!

Thanks for all of your support on my blog. I really appreciate your kind comments.

mary ellen said...

Ugh just the thought of salad makes me nauseous. I am glad that all is well.

Kelly said...

Is everything OK? You havent posted in over a month and I wanna know how how your munchkin is doing!! Miss you!!