Friday, July 13, 2007

Meet Dot!

I wish I could figure out how to do pics because I would post the most beautiful dot ever seen!! We had an ultrasound today and it my RE's professional opinion he says, "You have a sac and something in it!" Whoo Hoo!! I love sac's with prizes! Too early to see heartbeat yet so we will return for next u/s on the 25th! They wanted to do one next week, but since I will be having a love affair with Mickey next week, Pregnant Bliss it is!~ At least for a moment I can pretend that all the worry is over and I will be normal and boring from here on out! Beta today was 2076 and P4 was 27 maintaining! I know that I am by no means out of the woods and I have quite the road ahead, but for the first time since Nov of last year I feel like I can breathe! Thanks for all your support and kindness, your words and wishes have meant the world to me and have made this journey so much easier! (((huggs to all))) I hope to bring many Mickey stories home after next and the news from the home front!



Samantha said...

Enjoy your trip, I'm glad you can breathe easier!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Enjoy your trip!! I am so thrilled for you!