Monday, July 2, 2007

Not Sure what to make of this......

Well, I had my second Beta today and it was 119. Which is a doubling time of 3.26. It was three days apart. I guess I don't understand what the 3.26 means. Dr Google says that it is fine and it should double every 2-3 days. I am right at that huh? RE's office just said that it was less than they wanted to see, but good enough to not do another one for a week. WTF? what does that mean? Help me out girls. I think I might ask them to retest me on Friday so I can at least have a restful instead of fretful weekend. My progesterone was 28 by the way.
Hubs grandmother's birthday is Sunday and the whole family is getting together for lunch and cake. We were going to tell them then because A) I have an obvious pudge already B) cause MIL already suspects C) we have told a good many of our friends (they all know what we are going through) that we are and if MIL gets wind that they and my parents knew before them she will hold it over our heads forever. She's like that!
But I don't want to tell them on Sunday and only to see my Beta drop on Monday. I just can't stand it, the thought that my grade A #1 +++ super dooper embies would leave me! I want to cry. Which leads me to another thing, I am so emotional it is ridiculous. I can't tell if I want to burst into tears or hit something or somebody!!! I am still cramping pretty bad it is like every third day I feel like this is it, I am cramping, its over. Needless to say I am a nervous wreck!!! I f I am currently dancing to the Toilet Paper Tango, Soggy Panty Somba, Forgetful Foxtrot, and the there's still two lines dance. I am just ready to do the babymakin two step and just do that one for the next nine months.
So here's another long does it take to absorb the progesterone from the vaginal m&m's? I have to do them when I am at work, but my job requires me to be on my feet a good bit so I try to avoid work for a little while while I wait for absorption.
I guess that is all I have for now. I am still praying for you all.


Samantha said...

My understanding is that a good doubling time is every two days, so yours is a little on the low end. You've probably found the beta calculators and all that to see where you fall.

I hope it doesn't mean anything unfortunate, and everything will look good with your beta next week. Fingers crossed for you!

Jo said...

Usually betas will double every 2 days until they get higher.
Yours may not be going "textbook" but who's really does during IVF? There can be many reasons for this....
Could be 2 implanted and only 1 is growing, 1 implanted later.. so many things you do not have control over. It is good that your p4 has gone up as well!
It's so very hard to deal with and understand a lot of the times. My suggestion to you would be to enjoy the now and we will all pray for the best!

Ooo the damn pops.. Best to liedown for about 15 to 30 minutes after you insert. Then wear a neavy pad the rest of the day. Those are just so yucky.

Be good to yourself!