Monday, July 9, 2007

Not sure exactly what is happening, but Beta is still rising and was 288 on Friday which is a shorter doubling time. Nothing is ever easy with IF as we all know. I go back Tuesday for another check. I have more symptoms now than I have previously. I have a pooch that I get a charlie horse on the sides if I stretch too far to either way. My boobs are killing me and unfortunately my daughters head is at the same height. So every time she runs to hug me I cringe. I have major food aversions, no real morning sickness per say, sometimes mid chew I decide that I am repulsed by what I am eating. It has gotten bad enough that I have actually had to spit out what I was chewing. The poor waiters that have taken care of us in the last week must think I am a wack job. They always ask me if there is something wrong with the food. So I regretfully tell them it was wonderful 5 min ago! The old sniffer has kicked in and I have a constant, "OMG Do you smell that?" look on my face. And my hips, they kill~! Both hips feel like I have been in stirrups for a year. Sore not sharp pain, like I went dancing all night and I never sat down. Still too terrified to take anything, so I suffer! And sleep, I can sleep all day and all night! Then turn around and be up all night long for a couple nights then want to sleep for another week 24/7! Just found out that we are going to Disney World on Saturday for a whole week!! Whoo hoo!! I just asked that we only do parks every other day and for a lot of patience. I can't wait, I haven't seen Mickey in 10 years!! It has been too long! Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys. I pray for you daily.


Samantha said...

Glad that your beta is still going up

Jo said...

I am glad it is going up.. Just trying to understand though, it was 119 on Monday and 288 on Friday?